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Download presentation “Oracle Core: Database I/O”

After talking at DOAG Conference 2018 and IT Tage Frankfurt 2018, the slides for the sessions are available now. Download presentation “Martin Klier – Oracle Core: Database I/O” now, and let me know if there are any questions, any time!


We know different IO types that are used by the database. The DB needs them to fulfill its tasks. This lecture shows how and where they are different, and explains the advantanges and disadvantages of each. We will talk about access to tablespaces, online/archived redo logs and different file types connected to the instance.

I’ll include a quick review on the respective functions in the RDBMS, and we will also have a quick look into Oracle’s Automagic(?) Storage Management ASM.

I’d like to promote understanding of mass storage operations in the modern world, and transfer knowledge for a competent storage sizing.



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