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We are “performing databases” – and we are keen to care for your tenacity: “Your reliability. Our concern.” Specialized in services around database technology, supreme performance and the highest availability of your systems is our ultimate and most important goal. To ensure that, we employ a team of experienced architects and technicans – all of them field-tested for years.

Our expertise is focused on the realities and technologies of the industry standard products Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server – including their high-availability features like backup / recovery, cluster technologies and replication. Our core are is Cost-Based Optimizer, Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), Dataguard and Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).

Performing Databases is a proud Oracle Gold Partner. With our qualified know-how we are the top-class service company ready for your demands.



We care for you – in Germany and worldwide

Our base is in Germany, to be precise in Northern Bavaria. Customers all over the world are trusting in our services “Made in Germany” – in Germany itself, Europe and USA. We also care for YOU – the team of performing databases is looking forward to hearing from you!



Recent Blog posts

Wir sind Mitglied im Bayerischen IT-Logistikcluster

Die Performing Databases GmbH ist seit 2017 stolzes Mitglied im Bayerischen IT-Logistikcluster. (Zum Unternehmensprofil) Das Bayerische IT-Logistikcluster ist ein Branchennetzwerk der Logistik- und IKT-Branche. Schwerpunkt ist die Digitalisierung der Logistikbranche, ebenso wie Intralogistik und Industrie 4.0, da diese Teilbereiche durch den Megatrend (…)

Präsentationen DOAG Konferenz und IT Tage Frankfurt 2017 online

Wir haben unsere Präsentationen DOAG Konferenz und IT Tage Frankfurt 2017 online! Download: The (un)loved Child of Generation Cloud: Oracle on VMware     Download: YOUR machine and MY database – a Performing Relationship!?     Download: Full Throttle: Oracle (…)

Wir unterstützen den POUG Trip der #NextGen

Die Performing Databases GmbH unterstützt als Sponsor den Trip der DOAG #NextGen Community zur polnischen Konferenz POUG High Five nach Krakau. Wir wünschen allen Teilnehmern eine erlebnisreiche Fahrt, tolle fachliche Vorträge und eine schöne Zeit beim Networking! Ein paar freie Plätze (…)

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We offer a wide field of services and consulting options, that will allow you to master all situations that can occur with and around your database systems:

  • needs assesments
  • architecture planning and system sizing
  • license consulting
  • systematic testing
  • implementation
    • installation
    • comissioning
    • run-up care and supervision
  • support
  • maintenance
  • proactive and reactive performance analysis
  • software maintenance und version upgrades
  • migrations
  • concept consulting for
    • data modelling
    • software development