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to think, plan
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We devote our full attention to existing databases, including those of third-party suppliers or providers of complete systems. We offer you all kinds of support services for the automation of routine activities, troubleshooting etc.. We pay attention to efficient planning and realization.

Efficient databases are our focus. For that, we offer you deep knowledge of proven as well as foward-looking database technologies. We excel with the products Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server, especially in the field of performance and high-availability.

For you, we do best in planning, building and maintenance of: the Oracle Database as XE, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, Oracle Real-Application Cluster (RAC), Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Spatial, Oracle APEX, Microsoft SQL Server of all editions, Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster, Microsoft SQL Server Availability Groups and other types of replication, on-premises or in Azure.

We think we are responsible. Responsible to offer you dilligent and professional project preparation for the whole “database” topic. Because a realistic analysis of needs for the application in question and the business case is fundamental: Any cost-effective and stable new system, each painless migration and every successful repair job will need it, and will get it.

Based on this analysis, follows the system architecture and design phase. We consider a wide range of aspects for you: any demand for (high) avalability and performance, your budget and a maybe already given licensing situation. Since the vendors make the license fees dependent on the hardware used or the user structure, an experienced licence consultancy necessarily accompanies our qualified system sizing, and vice versa.

We are there, on your side. For the implementation of your big or small plans – with experience, competence and purposefulness.

When commissioning new systems or for any change, systematic tests – executed painstakingly and professionally – are mandatory. They will give you the certainty that expectations will be met, timetables will be followed and liabilities will be fulfilled.

In the stage of execution, we assure you to deliver reliable setups based on the experience of many years, and to do installations in a wide awake routine. Safe commissioning and a proper ramp-up phase, both overseen reliably by “performing databases”, is a matter of course. Each customer will be fully briefed in using their new, renovated or repaired system properly. You will never walk alone.

Driven by continous progress and rapid-developing technology, impressed by security issues and customer suggestions, Oracle and Microsoft are frequently shipping updates and new versions of their database software. In return, older versions are getting retired and will be desupported, or reduced to a support minimum. Software maintenance and the necessary version upgrades need a properly ordered approach, well-balanced testing and really dependable aftercare. For our database technicians this is routine. Their expertise allows them to be reliable and positive, even in unexpected situations.

Should the need of a platform change arise, a gapless analysis of the given state, and an appropriate plan for the migration is the key to success. Proving its value by upfront testing is our best practice! Every migration is cared for with competence and commitment. So we will happily support your internal organizational doings as well.

Our proudly cherished specialty is proactive and reactive performance analysis. We inspect your systems in good or bad times in the whole to gain sustainable performance improvements. Stable and high power, while keeping the dynamic abilities of the cost based optimizers used by Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server, needs competent knowledge about SQL optimization. The experience of many years in the field and frequent education makes “performing databases” your next-to-perfect partner.

We have lots of experience with performance analysis without paid tools. Helping you out without Oracle Diagnostics/Tuning Pack when you have no licence for it, or finding your Microsoft SQL Server issues without slow tracing to keep your production environment available, is our daily business.

Prevention is better than cure: Doing proactive maintenance helps to recognize bad situations developing. And to take care of them before they cause downtime and/or data loss.

Unrecognized and unwanted growing amounts of data, non-scaling execution plans, errors in logs or trace/incident files, securtiy issues – all this and much more is discovered by our proved database health check.

In return for transparent and fair costs you will get safety against unpleasant surprises.

With pem (pdb efficiency method), we have created our own way of thinking and working, which is based on many years of experience and which always focuses on the efficient further development of your databases. We would be pleased to inform you about our efficiency method.

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