Project Report: Oracle OLTP Benchmarks against Dell EMC RecoverPoint

Oracle Databases on virtual infrastructure have long been part of everyday life, but storage IO there is always a source of annoyance. Especially the gap between high availability and IO performance is a challenge. The product “Dell EMC RecoverPoint” is a storage replication solution via network, which is integrated as a kernel plugin in VMware vSphere/ESXi and works for individual VMDKs or volume groups.

And you really want to run Oracle on this? And in a performant way??

Oracle ACE Director Martin Klier is technically very skeptical when in spring 2021 an end customer of TGW Logistics Group expressed this requirement – deviating from all proven standards – for a project. They had to find out how realistic a solution based on RecoverPoint is for the productive operation of a fully automated warehouse system with several thousand transactions per second. So, intensive performance benchmarks and failover tests were conducted with the customer on the planned live systems.

This presentation reports on the prehistory, the scoping, and the benchmark tests. The results and their interpretation are part of the presentation, but the focus will be on the art of benchmarking in the IOPS field, independent of the tested product.

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