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On April 28th 2020, Oracle ACE Director Martin Klier was supposed to speak at the Suncoast Oracle User Group Meeting in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. Due to the corona crisis, it was not possible to travel, so the session with two talks went online! See the download links below!

Experience from 24 Months of Database Upgrade and Migration – Running out of support, security concerns, new features, coming operating system or hardware changes…. there is a long and versatile list of potential reasons for our customers, to change the version of their running Oracle Databases. The “choice” of situations, challenges and options for changing the version, is at least as long and as versatile as the reasons are. Martin will deliver an unveiled overview about his adventures with logical dependencies, human sensitivities, technical skulduggeries and license traps. All this happens, when one or multiple databases are to be migrated or upgraded to a new version in a controlled fashion. For A as in AIX, L like Linux, S like Solaris, V like Virtualization, W twice in Windows … there was trouble, there was a solution, and there was a new experience!

42 facts for Grid Infrastructure, ASM and RAC – The ecosystem of the Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC) gives lots of space for creative solutions, optimized concepts and — intelligent questions! The Grid Infrastructure framework is highly flexible, ASM opens many performant and safe options of mass storage administration and RAC is the measure for scalable database power in the market. But every single one of those building blocks needs to be understood for itself and for its place in the big picture. If not, we are in for one or two nasty surprises or very “interesting” side effects. In more than 12 years of operative practice with RAC, the author collected a full list of facts, best practices, anecdotes and scars-to-prove-it. The 42 best of them are entangled here in a guideline how you can do RAC in a better way. The presentation also shows in telegraph style, how a technology made its way from an appendix of the database to a full-fledged product. We’ll also cover – besides all the tech talk – some licensing and organisational matters.

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