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Oracle Magazine Featuring Martin Klier

The Oracle Magazine featured our co-founder, Senior DBA Consultant and Oracle ACE Martin Klier in its „peer-to-peer“ column of the January/February 2016 issue.

Martin Klier Oracle Magazine 2016

Introducing Martin along with two other renowned technicians – Alex Zaballa and Gustavo Gonzalez – the feature was titled „Firsts and Favorites – Three peers who started early, stayed loyal, and stuck to tech basics“. Martin pointed out, how Oracle Core Technologies forms his daily life, and that Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) was his first love in the Oracle world. It’s easy to understand why – RAC is a highly scalable, sophisticated and reliable business continuity and high availability solution. Implemented into the database core, it provides a scale-out capacity that’s still unique in the market, even after so many years of modern RAC architecture.

See more about Martin Klier on our Team Page or on his personal blog.

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